Sunday, December 14


It's December and no matter how much I love the sun, it's nice to have a little rain sometimes for fuzzy knits and hot chocolates. Just walking downtown looking at the many different trees with the prettiest ornaments gives me the warm tingly feeling that Christmas is round the corner. Everything about Christmas is so magical and it's literally the most wonderful time of the year. Think candy canes, gingerbread men, snowflakes, log cakes, peppermint scented candles, oh the list goes on and on.

I was invited to Klarra's private studio preview a few weeks back and got one of my Christmas dresses settled thanks to the lovely team. I chose the Alexa Bejewelled black dress as I was in love the beaded detailing and the slits at the hem. They sent me the Bayss Mirrored Floral Top when I was still in the States but unfortunately when it arrived, I was back here in Singapore. Finally received it late last month and I'm loving everything about it, from the material to the perfect shade of blue. There's even a matching skirt!

 There's 12 days of Christmas so that gives you a reason to spend a little more on your outfits. *wink* 
2014 is ending, let's make December the best chapter shall we? 


Thursday, November 27


River Island Heart sunglasses, Lovisa necklaces. Photos by my sis, Amanda.

Have I told you how much I love the sun? It's been rather gloomy lately, which makes me miss the sunny days in California. I found this set of photos amongst the other thousands of my summer in USA, it makes me so happy looking back at my biggest adventure with my other half. I have not shared much about my time there other than outfit photos and Instagram updates, and yes I also admit that procrastination is the main reason why the video diary is not up yet. I promise to mark 3 stars next to this on my to-do list. Speaking of to-do lists, I feel like I have a 101 things to do for my birthday celebration. I'm turning 21! It's been years since I threw a party and this year I'm having a party with a theme I've always wanted since I was a little girl. The invitations are done, and I can't wait to have them printed. Remember, to do what you love, and most importantly love what you do. Stay gold, folks!


Saturday, November 22


This outfit pretty much portrays my current style at the moment. I can't help myself when Christmas is nearing, I have the tendency to pick knitted sweaters over well, everything else. Just 2 days ago, my dad and I went to the supermarket and brought home a 5 foot pine tree, the sparkliest ornaments, twinkling white lights and snow sprays. Dan and I were covered in glitter and faux snow when the tree was done. This Christmas is going to be full of magic, I can already feel it. I've a list of year end goals to fulfil, once they're checked off, I'll start penning down new year's resolutions. While it's still November, I can't wait to share what I've been shooting for my new brand! (website still under maintenance for now) 
More on that in the next post - in the mean time, stay with me?

wearing: H&M knit, Topshop maxi skirt, Love Beverly Antheia Necklace, Kate Spade bag. Photos by Dan.


Monday, November 10



Photos by me.

Apologies for my absence, but I'm sure most of you were caught up in the Alexander Wang x H&M shopping frenzy. Everything in the collection is pretty amazing, and the response for it did prove it. Margiela for H&M wasn't that crazy if I remember correctly, but who am I to judge when I was queuing impatiently for my candy clutch. (guilty)

  Something about this beautiful city always brings me back. I never fail to visit Thailand at least twice a year, not just for the shopping but of course the food, the culture and new places to check out every trip. I have so many places I want to visit and I am definitely making them happen. Will be celebrating my 21st birthday this December and I cannot wait for 2015 to unfold, already sensing positivity, achievements and love all year round. 2014 has been the best year yet. I can honestly swear by it. 


Monday, October 20


Sawasdee ka! I'm back from Thailand and I miss the food and the culture so much. There's nothing not to love about this bustling city, it's so full of life. I can't wait to share more but lets save the details for another post shall we? Decided to put travelling on hold for now even though I love exploring new cities. Pictures below are taken in Kuala Lumpur at a beautiful open space concept mall, would definitely go back again for the many cafes that offer food that's way too pretty to eat. Everybody knows that a good looking waffle or a stack of pancakes end up on Instagram. hmm. 

wearing: Nasty Gal anorak, Zara top, Love Culture shorts, New Look bag, Charles and Keith sandals, Super sunglasses. 
Photos by Louise and myself.


Monday, October 13


It's been hectic in the past 2 weeks (graduation plus post/pre graduation dinners) but I'm back again! Spent the last weekend in Kuala Lumpur, in a beautiful penthouse that boasts the view of the Twin Towers. This particular trip was postponed for 3 years and it finally happened. Well, when college started, I made friends with a talented friend, Louise. It was the first year of college and we've grown so close ever since. We've talked about visiting her hometown in Malaysia, Kluang. It was almost impossible because there was school, and I travelled so often till we thought that this trip was never going to happen. We finally graduated and 2 weeks later we're in her car driving across the border for a little adventure over the weekend. Psyched for tomorrow as I'll be in the clouds again, currently in a war zone of clothes and toiletry bags because I'm known for last minute packing.

Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch flannel, Love Culture shorts, Super sunglasses. Photos by Louise.


Saturday, September 27


Unbelievable at how time flies, it's almost the end of September and just three posts ago, it was still the month of August. This shows 
how much I've not been blogging, have been so caught up with work, odd jobs and personal projects. And as you may have noticed, 
I'm wearing the same tee from the previous post. Can't help it, it's my new favourite basic. Started off the day having brunch with Eug at 
Common Man Coffee Roasters. I've a thing for breakfast foods compared to well, rice and such. Unless you're talking about sushi, 
that's a whole different story. I'd pick waffles and pancakes over noodles anytime. 

I'm trying to wear more skirts out, despite the fact that I'm a total klutz. I recently did a collaboration with a very awesome store, and 
instead of picking out my usual comfort shorts/pants, I went for dresses and skirts instead. I guess I have the humidity to thank for since 
it is too darn warm for anything body/leg hugging. I'll be going on 2 short trips next month and I hope the sun will be more merciful, the 
last thing I need is to be drenched in perspiration.

Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch tee, Topshop skirt, New Look bag, Ray Ban sunglasses. Photos by Eugene.


Monday, September 15


As some of you may know, I am a four-eyed girl. I've been looking around for another pair similar to my old glasses and I finally did thanks to The Tiny Island Emporium. I love tortoise shell + round frames, and this collection from Y Sport by Dakota Smith provided just what I needed! 

Y Sport by Dakota Smith is an American brand which launched a military inspired Y Sport collection showcasing edgy frame designs of highest quality and comfort, with an interplay of military camouflages and kaleidoscope of colours. Every piece is accompanied with a:

1. Y Sport Dry Tube Camo Bag 10 litres (Shown below)
2. Adjustable Strap with Hooks
3. Y Sport Microfiber Cloth
4. Y Sport Glasses Pouch (Shown below)
5. Y Sport Glasses Box

The best thing about this collection is that the frames are crafted to suit both prescription and shades! I got mine as glasses as I really needed a new one. These frames can be purchased from both The Tiny Island Emporium and at Face x Value. The retail price for a pair of Y Sport glasses is at SGD$180 while Face x Value offers it at a 55% discount and it's priced at $88! Each frame comes with all the accessories mentioned above, which is really worth it! Mention 'AMELYN10' at either one of the stores and enjoy an additional 10% off on any eyewear that you like! But don't forget to like both The Tiny Island Emporium's & Face x Value's Facebook page and follow them on their Instagram here and here.

This promo code is valid until the October 15th 2014, 

Photos by Dan and myself.


Thursday, September 4


The past week has been filled with rain and shine, you're either running to the nearest shelter or dying to get into the air-conditioned malls. Just my luck that it was a rainy day, don't get me wrong, I love the rain. Especially when I'm snuggled in bed, it's perfect. A rare occasion that I'm in sandals without platforms, and for me to actually get a pair means I really like every aspect of this beaut. So thankful I wore them out instead of my suede boots which will get ruined with water stains. This outfit wasn't inspired by the 70's punk era I swear. The union jack, leather and plaid were a coincidence. And just my two cents but I think every closet should have one good denim. Be it jeans, a jacket or overalls, the versatility of denim is endless. I should probably do up an entry on different outfits for different kinds of denim. 

Wearing: Zara oversized denim jacket, Nasty Gal crop and plaid skorts, Lovisa jewelry, Charles & Keith sandals, Accessorize bag, Marc Jacobs watch. Photos by Dan.